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Mental Health & Digital Mental Health and Wellbeing

In this section, you can read more about my professional experience working in projects aimed at promoting mental wellbeing in young people.

The technological development of recent years has made possible goals that were unthinkable until a few years ago thanks to the introduction of applications (apps) on the market that allow for real-time information on users. Their use can be particularly important to monitor the psychological well-being of patients in therapy and to provide immediate information on their psychophysical state. In this way, a "photograph" of the trend over time is obtained, useful both for the patient to discuss it in therapy, and for the therapist to work on any "triggers" or critical elements present in the environment that could affect the patient's psychophysical well-being.
To allow the diffusion of such a methodology it is necessary that it be the easiest to use. Understanding the possible barriers that could hinder its use is necessary to develop tools (and apps) that allow you to explore this area of research more thoroughly thanks to more accurate measurements and data collection. I have been recently involved in working on this new promising area of multidisciplinary research.

SIGMA UK - Psychological wellbeing of adolescents - risk and resilience trajectories - 2018-2020
Mental health and psychological well-being in developmental age are the subject of national and international attention and are at the center of public health and education policies.
During this cross-cultural project between Scotland and Belgium, aimed at assessing the mental health of adolescents and monitoring their progress over time to highlight risk and resilience trajectories, I dealt with the administration of questionnaires in schools in classrooms of adolescents aged 12 to 16 years.
I also held workshops on anxiety management with mindfulness techniques with the classes participating in the initiative.

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